About Us

Window cleaning for residential homes and commercial office parks and appartment blocks up to 4 storey height:

We clean windows externally and internally for residential homes, townhouses, apartments, simplexes, complexes, clusters and office parks. We also offer our cleaning service to commercial offices on a contractual basis.

Window cleaning is an added benefit to any property owner.


Maintaining clean windows preserves your window frames and stops those dirty streaks that run down the paint work, which makes the buildings look shabby. This will save costs on maintenance in the long run (having to paint the exteriors less frequently).

Let us admit it, that staff members never have the time for cleaning the exterior or interior windows. The staff members focus on cleaning the interiors of homes/offices rather than the windows.

Cleaning the external windows prevents dust from entering your home/office, this helps family/staff members that suffer with dust allergies, while giving you a clear view and brightening up your day!