We are first and foremost professional window cleaners for residential homes, townhouses, apartments, simplexes, complexes, clusters and office parks.

Window cleaning is an added benefit to any property owner.

So allow O-W-C also known as OUTSOURCE WINDOW CLEANERS to assist.

Maintaining clean windows preserves your window frames and stops those dirty streaks that run down the paint work, which makes the buildings look shabby. This will save costs on maintenance in the long run (having to paint the exteriors less frequently).

Let us admit it. Staff members never have the time for cleaning the exterior or interior windows. They focus on cleaning the interiors of homes/offices rather than the windows.

Cleaning the external windows prevents dust from entering your home and office, this helps family and staff members that suffer with dust allergies, while giving you a clear view and brightening up your day!

We extended our services to pre-occupational cleaning as we remove paint and cement from windows and frames.

Deep cleaning and sanitation.

Carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaning.

For your complete peace of mind, we have a fully comprehensive third party insurance.


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Window and Frame Cleaning

Window and Frame Cleaning

We only go as high as 5 storeys. We come out to your offices, apartment blocks or homes to assess the time we will need to clean your windows. After assessment, we compile your quote and email it to you and await your response. On your acceptance of our quote, we will book your day […]

Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

This includes pre-occupational cleaning excluding removing of paint, cement and silicone, steam cleaning of all showers and floor tiles (kills 99% of all germs), sanitising of kitchens. Some of our clients also requested we clean the ovens.

Pre-Occupational Cleaning

Pre-Occupational Cleaning

Once the builders are complete, we come in and clean from top to bottom. This includes removing paint, cement and silicone throughout, cleaning of windows inside and out (frames, sliding tracks and window openings), buffing/scrubbing of floor tiles throughout the house to lift the engrained dirt, vacuuming of carpets to remove fluff and dust, cleaning […]

Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaning

We come out to your home/office to assess the amount of cleaning required to compile a free quote. We work on square meter rate for carpets and rugs. Upholstery is quoted per items.

The Window Cleaning Process

For external window cleaning of your home/office, we use telescopic purified water fed poles. The soft bristle brush at their end cleans the frames and windows, allowing them to dry naturally, without leaving water marks.

Internal windows are cleaned by hand with the squeegee system and dried with special glass cloths.

External windows can also be cleaned by hand with mop and squeegee on request.

With our system, the cleaning happens from the ground, quickly and safely, minimising the need for ladders. We clean with pure water so areas such as koi ponds and gardens are unaffected.

Should we need to get on roofs to clean solar panels and/or sky lights, we use our safety harness and ropes where possible.

Our window cleaning quotes are based on time requirement per job, not per window or square meter.

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